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December 2021

Collaborating with your team; ultimate tool tips

By: Lucy Ogilvie

Work on videos as a team from different locations – countries, towns or company departments. The best ideas happen when you work together.



Clear communication is everything when it comes to teamwork! However, this doesn’t always mean endless team meetings. It’s important to establish how your team works best, and set up a communication schedule accordingly. For example, you may have a lone wolf on the team who prefers to complete tasks alone – or you might have a keen collaborator who wants 24/7 dialogue. 

Once you’ve established how each member of the team produces their best work, you can set up a production schedule accordingly; focused around productive check-ins, ways for team members to communicate directly and simple ways to approve finished videos so you can get them out the door.

How do I do this on Binumi? 

  • PRO feature: Use the video project assign tools to set up a creator with everything they need
  • Share work-in-progress files with clear instructions for finishing the video
  • PRO feature: Set up team video walls for easy QC of finished videos


Clear Roles

Collaboration works best when you don’t just have great communication tools in place, but also a structure around who is doing what and when. Avoid multi roling where possible – for example, having the video creator also be the client liaison and video QC. Define team roles based around the different steps of the process. For example;

The person who orders the creation of a video

The person who creates the video

The person who QCs the video

The person who handles the final video being sent to where it needs to go

Defining these four roles, and who is responsible for them, will make video creation as a team quick and easy.

How do I do this on Binumi? 

  • PRO feature: Assign each user permissions on Binumi depending on their role
  • PRO feature: Mark each video as in QC, approved and final using labels
  • PRO feature: Prevent the final video from being able to be shared off the platform without QC approval

Trust the process

Simple management and approval tools make for truly creative, organised teamwork. Binumi makes it easy to sort, label, comment and communicate as you work on videos together. Once you have a defined communication process and team roles in place, it’s simple to start creating a lot of amazing videos very quickly!

It’s time to team up and take off!

Sign off

Binumi is the easiest ever video creation platform. It gives anyone, from complete beginners to experts, the tools to make professional-grade video at scale. Work solo, or as a team from different locations. Binumi’s collaboration tools give you the full-on power of creative teamwork.

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