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December 2021

4 metrics to look out for when determining how successful your video is

By: Lucy Ogilvie

Stand out from the crowd and make an impression by tracking these 4 key metrics 


Play count

It’s simple – the more your video has been viewed, the more impact it has had. Most hosting sites have this as their primary analytical data for videos, and it’s not hard to see why. Play counts are a simple, tangible number that you can share with your team to help judge your video’s success.

Top tip: Have a set number of views you want in mind for your video. This can be based on the size of your desired audience, a specific viewer or a benchmark based on competitor equivalents.



How many times has your video been shared? Share counts are really important when it comes to judging the success of your video – they tell you not just that it has been seen, but that viewers are really connecting with the message. Video posts on LinkedIn are shared 20 times more than any other formats, making them one of the most powerful ways out there to disseminate information. 

Top tip: Increase the number of shares by keeping your videos short and to the point; the sweet spot for a marketing video to be shared is around 6-20 seconds


Click-through rate

Most videos have some form of call-to-action included in them; whether that’s a link through to a specific product or a more subtle call to discover more information. Therefore to really evaluate how effective your video is, it’s important to assess the number of click-throughs that occur in comparison to the view rate. If lots of people are watching the video, but not alot of people are clicking through to the associated link, then it could be worth adjusting the messaging.

Top tip: Have a clear link, whether that’s a hyperlink or a button, as close as possible to your video player. For example, if you are sharing a video as a linkedin post then make sure to include a link in the video description as well as in the comment section. This will reduce the burden on the viewer to find the link themselves, and should improve your click through rate.


Who is watching

It’s no secret that having a specific target audience in mind helps you to create more effective content. For example, a video designed to engage farmers in rural Canada will be unlikely to speak to young professionals in England. Once you have decided on your target audience (most likely the same audience that your organisation currently has as a key client base), it’s much easier to keep track of how your video is performing. 

Top tip:
Create different videos for different audiences, and take advantage of the power of localisation. If you include footage of where your target audience is from in your video, you can increase the chance of it proving effective. Content that is locally targeted has six times more engagement than posts that were designed for the global market.

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