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December 2021

Customer support – what’s the secret to a successful relationship?

By: Lucy Ogilvie

Whether you’re onboarding new clients, responding to a request or building an FAQ library, customer support is the real MVP when it comes to success

Reduce the time and money spent supporting customers with your own smart video gameplan. They’ll be happy, you’ll be happy and your business will be thriving.


You had me from hello

86% of customers are likely to stay loyal to a business if they see really strong onboarding content


This means you can’t just rely on getting a customer through the door in order to get the most out of your relationship. Studies show that when clients and customers feel like they are joining an existing community (complete with recognisable faces, support and open information) they are more likely to stick around. 

So how to create a great onboarding experience for your customers? Video can really help here!

  • Welcome video: create a 30 second welcome video that lets your new customer know their business is appreciated. Even better if this video comes from a real team member, as it gives it a personal edge that feels authentic!
  • Team Introduction: Introduce key members of the team with short snapshot videos. This will help your new customer to feel connected as well as orientate them with the key people they’ll be hearing from.
  • Tips: Some simple best practice or how to get started tip videos can help your new customer start straightaway on a new project, and reduce the time spent wondering how to begin!


Fail to prepare…

Many businesses lose customers when they can’t get simple questions answered straight away. These could include questions such as ‘how do I login?’, ‘how do I return an item?’ or ‘how do I update my account details?’. Most businesses are great at capturing these frequently asked questions, and usually have a list somewhere on the website or a help centre designed to answer them efficiently. However, there is a key way to improve the effectiveness of these FAQs, and reduce customer frustration even more – and that’s by including videos!

Videos help customers to visualise what they are being instructed to do. For example, showing a customer how to update their account details with a simple screen capture immediately resolves the issue rather than leading to more questions. Here are some great ways to use FAQ videos in your help centre:

  • Real customer example: Show a real customer use case, with a quote or video suggesting how they’ve dealt with the question. For example, if your organisation provides a creative service such as marketing or graphic design, you could add some real use case examples of how the service has worked for them. This not only helps to answer questions, but also reassure new customers that they’re part of a community.
  • Screencaptures: Nothing is as effective as a simple screen capture to get to the heart of a platform or technical question. Ask a team member to record their screen, and include the video alongside the traditional written response.
  • Common issues: Create a bank of videos responding to common customer questions. This means they are ready to go when needed!

The personal touch

Smart personalisation really helps to create happy, satisfied customers. However this may seem easier said than done – how can you create a personalised experience if you have a large number of clients all demanding an instant response? 

Simple! If you have a bank of existing responses to common questions, such as how to log on or how to return an item, you can simply update the name at the start to personalize it to every user! Research from Evergage shows 98% of marketers use personalization to advance customer relationships, and if you build that practice into your customer support strategy you’re likely to see improved results within weeks. 

Here are some great ways to personalize your support comms;

  • Team image cards or videos; Gather a number of images or videos of the team that can be dropped into a video at the start to make the response feel like it comes from a real person
  • Name dropping: Including the customers name at the start of a video can increase the chances of a positive reaction by up to 80%

Binumi makes this process simple; every existing response video can be easily adjusted depending on who will be receiving it.


Part of the family

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling out of the loop; whether it’s a platform update, a new product line or a team announcement, part of keeping a happy customer base is built on clear change management. Clients and customers like to feel part of a business’s growth, strategy and story; it generates a loyalty that inevitably helps you to grow your business. 

Here are some simple ways to keep your clients informed;

  • CEO message: A simple video message straight from the CEO will really help customers feel engaged when it comes to big company changes.
  • Product updates: Short product announcement videos released on your social channels and in customer emails are more likely to catch the attention of customers over simple text based updates, resulting in less confusion and backlash. 


A weight off your mind

Want to easily give clients a personalized and satisfying experience, while creating with your team? Check out Binumi Pro!

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