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December 2021

How video is de-mystifying recruitment

By: Lucy Ogilvie

The one article you can take to your hiring team

There may be thousands of articles out there with impressive statistics on how video is transforming the recruitment process, but how do you actually turn those statistics into a workable plan that helps you get the most out of video in recruitment? 

Read on for a full guide on where, when and how to implement video into the hiring process to get impressive results.

80% of RM leaders have adopted and found video to be a highly effective medium for employee testimonials, yet less than 5% of the same companies are using video in their job descriptions – leaving huge potential for those that do to attract top candidates – and companies that do choose to embrace such technologies report up to 800% more engagement from candidates throughout the recruitment process. (Smashfly)

Identifying the need for a new hire

48% of employees consider video the most engaging form of communication (TechSmith)

Any hiring process begins by identifying a need within your organisation. This need could vary from filling a vacated position, better managing a team’s workload, or expanding the reach of organisational tasks. Create a video reach out, asking employees to contribute their thoughts – you’ll receive up to 75% more of a response than using email alone.

Power it with video: Internal Notification

Creating a job post

1 minute of video content is equal to reading 1.8 million words, making it quicker or easier to relay important information about the role (Forrester Research)

The hiring team should start by generating a job description that includes a prioritized list of job requirements, special qualifications, desired characteristics, and requisite experience. It should also clearly state how the candidate should apply for the position, with any email addresses or application forms readily available. Creating a video job post not only increases the chance of attracting top candidates, it also enables you to provide key information in a memorable and engaging way.

Power it with video: Pro Job Description

Advertising the Position

Job postings with video have a 36% greater application rate than postings without videos [Career Builder]

To advertise the position externally, SME’s then use a full combination of the company’s website, social media platforms, job posting sites like LinkedIn and word-of-mouth recruitment. A video job advert increases the time candidates spend on your website or job advert, and therefore increases their knowledge retention while improving your SEO!

Power it with video: Job Ad

Headhunting candidates

When it comes to the hiring process, 59% of candidates use social media to research companies of interest. (Talent Works)

Beyond simple job posts, any hiring staff should reach out directly to desirable candidates via LinkedIn or social media. Active recruitment will help generate applications from potential candidates who are not actively searching for new jobs but may be perfect for the available position! Reaching out with bespoke introductory video over a text-only message increases the perceived authenticity of the communication, and increases the likelihood of a response by up to 25%.

Power it with video: Personal Introduction


Interview & Assessments

65% of interviewees say a video is their favorite way to get to know how to use a product or service (Explain Ninja)

Depending on the size of the organization and hiring committee, one or several interviews and assessments are scheduled for those remaining candidates. These interviews can be face-to-face, conducted at the office or – for fully remote businesses – over video call. Clear video communications with candidates around this period (such as videos explaining company culture, introducing team members or guidance on the interview process itself) vastly improves the experience of both candidate and hiring team, and increases the likelihood of candidates being more successful at interview!

Power it with video: How to get here

Job offer

In the US in 2019, more than 1 in 6 candidates ended up declining job offers (Glassdoor

Once the top candidate is identified, the organisation extends an initial job offer. This offer usually includes the position’s salary, benefits, paid time off, start date, potential severance pay, working remotely policy, included company equipment and other terms and conditions of employment. Providing a warm, welcoming supplementary video alongside the formal written offer increases the chance of the job offer then being accepted! 

Power it with video: Welcome to the team!


A great onboarding experience ensures 69% of employees stick with a company for three years (SHRM)

Hiring a new employee does not conclude the hiring process! Onboarding your new worker in a welcoming and professional lays the groundwork for a long-term productive relationship between them and your company. Onboarding can include anything from sharing information on company structure and setting the new employee up with equipment, to providing local area information and sharing a list of nearby employee recommended venues. Including video as a part of the onboarding process helps your new employee to get up to speed faster, while reassuring them that you are focused on their wellbeing and ongoing support – both important factors in reducing employee turnover and avoiding hiring costs!

Power it with video: Software overview


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