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June 2021

Binumi 7.0: New educational content and features

By: Lucy Ogilvie

You have our permission to get over-excited, because we’ve unlocked Binumi 7.0.

  • 1000s of new templates – even more styles, formats and lengths

  • All new USA curriculum video projects standards aligned to the common core

  • All-new Career projects

  • Improved keyword search for easy navigation through the Binumi content bins

  • Multiple download options – wide, square or vertical format, MP4 or GIF  

  • Updated assignment tools for faster, easier management of your video creation projects

  • Main menu restructure – a smarter way to get quick access to what’s important

  • Updated walk-through features to provide guidance whenever you need help

All our new features are designed with you in mind.

Thank you for being part of the Binumi community.


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